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Trio BeLuCi

Aktualizace: 23. kvě 2019

A brilliant project Trio BeLuCi. After years of mixing records in clubs DJ LuiJack (aka Luděk Hrzal) teamed up with violinist PC (aka Pavel Cingl) tired of combining his violin playing with live drumming. After a couple of shows they concluded that a cherry was still missing from the top of this musical cake and therefore percussionist Jakub Berry Beran was added to the mix.

The production of Trio BeLuCi ranges from various mutations of house to wonderfully bizarre covers of well known tracks such as Je T´aime Moi Non Plus (Serge Gainsburg), the Mission Impossible theme (U2) or Call Me (Blondie). The blend of innovative DJing, live electric violin and a cajon allows this group to create an unforgettable atmosphere and unique musical collages.

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